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Offsite & Onsite PC Repair/Maintenance- We can come to you or you can bring it to us. We use cutting edge methods to quickly diagnose your problem and get you back up and running. We want your computer to work for you, not the other way around.

Custom Computers- Don’t want the typical PC available on the market? Need a high-end gaming machine? Give us a call today and let us build you EXACTLY what you want.

Custom Servers- Let us design and build what your business needs. We can ensure that you do not spend extra on what you DON’T need, while ensuring that your business has what it DOES need.

Networking- Need to share files, printers, and other resources in your home or business? It is no problem when you have us onsite. We can quickly and costs effectively get your network up and running. There is no network to large or to small for us.

Business Consultation- Have a feeling that your business is behind the times technologically? Not sure what your business needs to become more efficient. We can help. Our staff has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in helping businesses take that next step. All consultation is FREE. So why not give us a call today before you take the “plunge” with another company.

Graphic Design- Don’t have a company logo yet? Need a business card designed? Trying to roll out an advertising campaign for your company that is about to go public? We have experience in all forms of advertisement to include; newspaper, television, magazine, business cards, stickers, decals for vehicles, banners, and much more.

Web Design- We can design a website that will drive business to you. We are not just another company looking to “razzle and dazzle” the general public. We feel that a website should be something that actually makes you money, or at the very least helps you save it. If you are wondering about the effectiveness of our company, just think about how long you have been at our website already.

Web Hosting- Everything from cheap hosting to media streaming, we can fit the bill. We buy hosting space in large quantities so you don’t have to. Get exactly what you need the day you need it.

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